Transport|Logistics camera systems
Live view
See what’s happening on board when with 3G/4G cellular connection.

Automatic vehicle locate
Track and locate your fleet in every seconds, then showing on the google map.

Automatic wireless download
WIFI and 4G/3G Modules comes with automatic wireless download function, a good way for backup the data easily, and saving a lot of management in the long run.


Mobile DVR with 1-4 cameras can be connected.

720P/1080P resolution that high resolution video for tracking or evidence.

Advanced H.264 video compression, G.726 audio compression.

GPS, 3G, 4G, WIFI antenna for optional.

RS485 extension for PTZ control.

UPS power off protection design.

Remote control or download.

Max support 2TB SATA hard disk and 128G SD card

Control center management software provided 

Improving Driver behavior
Monitor and proper driver behavior can reduce a lot of management cost. GPS vehicle solutions can relay on data provided by our CMS software, such as
1.Over speed alarm, minimize the risk of driver and the goods.

1.Move detection alarm, when the car is turn off, you’ll know if someone is try to get close to your car via changing the sensitive of the camera.

2.G sensor alarm, When there’s crash, the alarm will upload and inform the control center. In addition, alarm recording will record 10 seconds before and after the crash, and the alarm video will be upload automatically with WIFI antenna.

2.Tired drive  alarm, actually when driver work overtime or feel tired, then very danger. By  analyze data from driver’s eyes and facial expression, the system will trigger awake up call and send an alarm message back to the monitor center immediately. (Optional choice, contact with us for more info.)

4.LPK of truck alarm, monitoring the consumption of gasoline, you can check the mileage information and remaining oil in OBD, then prevent the driver stealing oil.

This truck mobile DVR system contributes to avoid vehicle for personal use, and ensure the daily work can be finish quickly to avoid paying excessive expenses. Good for fleet management to check and improve the teamwork.

Safety and security will be improved
A GPS vehicle tracking solution is good at improving the security of fleet. A hidden will show you the location of the truck once it’s been stolen.