Why need school bus monitor system
In the age of unsafe now, keeping the safe of children is our mission. Our school bus monitoring solution provides you sight of your children in every second. From smart phone app, parents know the real time situation of their children. From our VMMS customer management software, the control center could react more efficient and more accurate.


Here it is one of our AHD 720P/1080P bus CCTV solution.


1-4 /1-8 cameras can be connected.

720P/1080P resolution that high resolution video for tracking or evidence.

H.264 video compression for storage saving.

UPS technology ensures 8-15 seconds continue recording when meet with power failure.

ACC delay function. After the key is turn off, the DVR continue to work for hours. (Max 24 hours.)

3G/4G internet connection for providing real time video.

6 channel alarm input, including door open, light, turn direction, brake, reverse, etc.

Multiple stream recording. Sub stream for 3G data transmission, save data and money. Then main stream for local recording, provide you quality video.

Storage: 2TB HDD/SSD + 128G SD card

Support broadcast voice.

Customized options: GUI LOGO


1.For School

Tracking school bus online constantly.
Improve reputation as a safety school, then attract more students to study there.
Receive alarm info when accidents or emergency happens, with tracking details. Helps to react quickly.

2.For parents

Tracking children at anytime.
RFID passenger counting system: integrated counting device for making sure of children boarded or not. If there’s student missing, the driver or management team can notice quickly.

4.For partners cooperate with us
A series of after sales services.
12th months warranty.
Severe quality control for providing you unique Mobile DVR and car cameras.
As a factory supplier, most affordable price, will be your powerful and reliable import vendor.