Vehicle Monitoring Equipment For Roads, And Coverage Is Not Enough For Black Coaches To See Business Opportunities

Enable small-car road test electronics intelligent vehicle monitoring equipment after project examination, manual monitoring and evaluation by electronic vehicle monitoring equipment test and score transmission replaced. Each test mount examination in the field of intelligent vehicle monitoring devices. During the test, only test students can enter the examination room, not the coach's help, examination of each candidate to finish the project. Students said participating in the electronic test, exam, you need to drive into the examination room, unilateral bridge ground without any markup, all by playing on the bridge "slope" is no longer a linear operation, but from the far away location under turning into the site, head to be exactly in infra-red light to stop the exam. Infrared devices are so "heartless" that many candidates fear. In this way, give some black coaches a chance to make dirty money. Recently reporters in view at a time test center found that an examination of ten driving a coach asks is when trainees charge 30 yuan per person, saying it was to pack the examiner, you can participate in the electronic vehicle monitoring system to test. What coach said, all participants are honest pay ... During the afternoon, the 10 students really get to participate in the artificial test and passed.