Taxi Loading Loading Camera Wired Alarm Platform

Mawei, Fuzhou Road, one brother died in his taxi. After the massacre, caused no small stir of taxi industry in Fuzhou, many cabbies began to consider in car camera installed on the car. Yesterday morning, Fuzhou gechen Baker took the lead in his own cab installed a camera in case of emergency, the camera can take the car characters in picture. Master Chen's in-car camera, mounted on the steering wheel just above. After trial, the best location lighting, camera angle, gave the most clear, nor does it affect the driver's line of sight. Master Chen said the probe of the shooting mode is very simple, as long as when the guests on and off, or bounce off the car in front of his empty lamps, the probe will also get off the screen, shooting speed is similar to ordinary camera, after the photos are automatically uploaded to the GPS alarm system platform record is just more than 10 seconds. Picture taken from test results, this probe almost got off all the facial features, picture quality even clearer than the QQ video chat quality.