School Bus Video Surveillance Has Become A Review Of School Bus Required

Relate to students on the school bus to and from school safely, according to the relevant provisions of national and provincial, monitored by satellite positioning system must be installed on the school bus and school bus video surveillance has become a school audit required. Recently, a school bus owners reported they found in the car, 3G video surveillance system must be installed on the car, otherwise unable to examine. Already before the school bus above as required with GPS, but no video surveillance functions for such requirements, some owners find it impossible to understand. (3G) what? Its main role is to monitor their own monitor themselves, seems to be a few cameras, the driver inside the school bus operation and the situation of these children (schools) can see it clearly. According to the City Department of education requirements, school buses should be in accordance with the provisions is equipped with satellite positioning devices with data real-time monitoring capabilities. As requested, not only within the school bus, equipped with the GPS, to monitor school bus driving tracks, but also must be able to monitor situation in the school bus.