Onboard Surveillance To Traffic To Catch An Illegal, City Bus Equipped With A Full-time Bodyguard

Bus is the most important means of transportation people, walking through the city, making cases social influence and wide radiation and space closed, escape more difficult, so buses often become the modus operandi of criminals discontent and revenge society site. In recent years, bus accidents occurred frequently social concern. 2016 Qingdao public transport security services made significant improvements to bring the public a new safe experience. Island city bus full of concern, "bodyguard", will be held on April 28 induction. From the city transportation authority was informed that tender and the public security Department of training, Castle was first equipped with 220 bus crew Manager, 28th in 22 passing heavily populated regions, presented on the bus route on a busy shopping district, escort for those traveling by bus. Jinan, Qingdao became the second province after a bus equipped with a full-time "bodyguards" of the city. "The car had ' bodyguard ', after a public bus was also more secure. "Delivery a warm bus safety audit introduced Deputy Director Du Liang, crew chief administrator of vehicle sexual harassment, theft and other criminal acts to deter.