On-board Recorders And Speed Of Automatic Gain Device

Israel demonstrates recognition of the company's unique global leader in transportation technology, and showing us its studies. Study identifies many motorists speed cameras reduce accident injuries may hate speed car DVR, but an international study recently showed that they did reduce the number of traffic accident casualties. Studies show, Australia, and New Zealand and the United States, and Canada and the United Kingdom, and Germany, and Denmark and the Netherlands, and Finland, and Norway and Hong Kong 35 study, analysis of speed cameras reduce accidents. Lasted for 3 years and found that they force the speed of the car after an average of 1% to 15%, beyond the vehicles of the local speed limit is reduced from 14% to 65%. Device speed car DVR auto accidents reduced from 8% to 49%, fatal or result in serious injury car accident is also reduced from 11% to 44%. Fellow Wilson said: "the results might differ, but the overall findings are marked the same rule is speed cameras save lives", but these studies are carried out in the rich countries and regions, and hoped that future research will focus on poor countries.