Intelligent Traffic Video Monitoring System Of GPS Positioning Bus

In recent years, with transportation developed, traffic increases, various coaches began to increase. Meanwhile problems also come as overloading, speeding, prohibited items, and so on often. And often occurs at high speed or with no one section to supervision brought a great deal of difficulty. Ordinary manual or starting point of monitoring has been nearly enough to satisfy the regulation needs a modern and dynamic remote bus monitoring system to improve supervision of buses at all times. With technology level of constantly improve and wireless network technology and digital video compression technology of development, in 3G wireless network Shang transmission video, audio and the data became a trend, car wireless video monitoring system has other wireless monitoring system cannot compared of function and features, can guarantee vehicles mobile process of data and sound video of normal communications, while can always positioning vehicles of location, completely meet Government and enterprise of of strict, is full digital, and intelligent of, and network, and Systematic typical wireless monitoring system. Solution of wireless transmission system has been widely used in buses, long-distance transport vehicles, freight vehicles, special vehicles, public security, fire and armed police command and exploration, as well as flood control, road rescue, city inspectors and other emergency response command system.