Discussion On Car Video Monitor Status And Future Direction

In today's society, due to the acceleration of economic development and urbanization, buses, long-distance passenger, school bus, taxi, become the main means of transportation. Travel security become more and more concerned about the issue, but due to traffic jams, erratic driving, fatigue driving, overloading, overloading, poor management and other problems caused by traffic accidents, more than 100,000 die each year in traffic accidents in China, public safety issues are increasingly becoming the focus of. Traditional automotive industry adopt common digital video recorder and analog camera architecture advantage is low cost, and less attention to the other aspects of video surveillance. With the advent of networking and networking process, car monitor is gradually to the high-end of the development of the industry, many users have not only satisfied with manual control, need is intelligent monitoring. HD images need to be addressed in order to achieve intelligent analysis system of intelligent effects otherwise unattainable intelligent processing. HD image brought about by increased substantially, advantage is obvious in vehicle monitoring in the future. It is clear that HD resolution image intelligent vehicle monitoring will become the future monitoring of the effect of the mainstream market, it will further drive up vehicle monitoring industry's threshold, the entire vehicle monitoring about monitoring and orderly development of the industry to play an active.