Car Video Recorder In Japan In A Tokyo Subway Car Show Kamui

Japan Tokyo subway anti-crime campaign, some large stations, and even put up lots of posters warning to criminals: "carriage mounted monitor, don't do anything! "Japan subway car crowded, very famous in the world, and criminals to fish in troubled waters. Especially the 18 major metropolitan routes, more than 2000 high of last year on record; to the bustling Shinjuku, Ikebukuro JR-Qi Jing line is one of the most serious route. Especially female passengers miserable, they often hurt by the inexplicable. In order to protect female passengers, Japan railway company dedicated to "women-only carriages", now begin to install electric eye in the compartment (vehicle monitoring), real-time surveillance video store, Bull shot to take those lawless elements. Install car video recorder case 60% the reduction after railway officials said yesterday: "the captured criminals often do not buy this idea, from the beginning of the year, cars fitted with on-board recorders. We found this method to be very effective, was not only photographed images can become evidence, monitors also play a deterrent role.