Car Video Monitor Plays An Important Role

With the increase of community in-car digital video recorder approval, all kinds of needs at different levels have also appeared. Car digital video recorder function is perfect, its scope is wider, bigger role, not only on the city BUS, long-distance buses and cargo vehicles are widely used, but also on trains, ships, ambulances, firefighting, law enforcement vehicles, traffic control, transportation vehicles, travel, cars, car, school bus and other fields have important uses. Car digital video recorder will provide social development, social harmony and people's travel security plays a very important role. At the request of different industrial applications, vehicle monitoring system also plays a different role. And the industry is different, the focus also changes, system functionality and product configuration evolved in different characteristics. Because of the mobility of the vehicle, remote video surveillance, vehicle users vehicles GPS\ Beidou satellite positioning, as well as scheduling host interacts with the data demand is particularly urgent. With the growing popularity of 4G, 3G, network, network bandwidth increases can meet the high frame rate, the higher the image quality of video data transmission needs. Original bike mainly for local video in-vehicle video surveillance solution to system, network and platform development.