Alliance Of Security And Public Transportation Make Public Transport More Secure

With the acceleration of economic and social development and urbanization, urban traffic congestion problem is becoming increasingly serious, the major cities are promoting the "bus priority" development strategy. How to ensure vehicle safety, dispatching limited resources are the troubled public transportation system of buses a difficult problem in management. And, continuing passengers and operations personnel across the country packages, service issues and disputes arising out of, cases have also occurred such as theft, robbery and insulted women; in addition, the bus driver and conductor occurred in the operating process easier to steal tickets, shoplift appropriation of public revenue of the phenomenon, to inflict losses on the bus company. Among the many reasons under transit security monitoring came into being, to transfer video on the bus to bus dispatch centers and police stations, to monitor the thefts and accidents and protection, to deter and combat effect on criminals. Due to bus their own characteristics, traditional video surveillance system does not meet the requirements.