Analog 4 Channel Hard Disk Mobile DVR

Product Details

Vehicle DVR Integrated 360 Degree Monitoring Analog 4 channel Hard disk Mobile DVR For Travel Bus Mobile DVR  4G 3G Live Recording 

Main features:

G sensor recording: over speed, accelerate or decelerate suddenly, quick turning.

4 channel D1 recording car DVR recorder.

2TB and 128G storage for recording 824 hours.

With 4G LTE /3G GPS Optional 

Support SOS alarm, alarm will be sent to control center at first time automatically.

WIFI car DVR for management cost saving.

Support 2-way intercom






CIF, HD1 and D1 for selection, supporting 2 channels of D1+ 2 channels of CIF at the most

Alarm Recording 

Prerecording function 15 seconds before alarm, duration of recording after alarm can be adjusted from 30s ~ 30min

Optional module


Power Supply

1.ACC on/off 

2.Hard drive lock on/off 

3.Delayed shutdown  

Timed on/off

Know more about our Client Management System(CMS):

Dash DVR with live video

Server as GPS tracker to provide GPS details

Video remote playback

3G/4G data flow statistics

Map fencing

Cut oil remotely

Car DVR 4 camera system for police and emergency vehicles

This analog car DVR is suitable for emergency vehicles.

RS485 for PTZ control connection.

Safeguard for the police, fire engine or ambulance.

This 4 channel car DVR includes video and audio recording, GPS location, and Wifi auto downloading function.

RECODA offers HD 1080P, functional analog 4 channel hard disk mobile dvr, We are a successful manufacturer and Developer for 10+ years, we will provide excellent product and customized service for you, we are expecting become your long-term partner in China.